As a newly ordained person, I’m beyond grateful that my first full-time church ministry gig is at St. Julian’s, a church named after and inspired by one of my favorite saints. St. Julian wrote about her overwhelming experience of God, through Jesus Christ, as a divine, all-loving mother who gently cradles all of creation in the palm of her hand. She lived and worked at a time, much like our own, of deep uncertainty, fear, and cruelty, sharing her vision of a God who is lovingly present, instead of punishing. I care deeply about sharing and showing this kind of Good News with the world in partnership with St. Julian’s. 

I hail from Eastern North Carolina, and am so happy to share this Texas adventure with my amazing wife, the Rev. Lizzie McManus-Dail. Lizzie is the Church Planter for a new Episcopal Church in Northwest Austin called Jubilee. We are also the proud parents of our new baby Rosie and two cats, Burt and Mary Poppins. We love to travel, eat good food, and share in the kind of embracing community so evident at St. Julian’s.