Miles Brandon

I am married to Ashley Brandon. Ashley is also a minister in the Episcopal Church and serves as Lower and Middle School Chaplain at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Austin. Ashley is my best friend and partner in this adventure of planting an Episcopal Church in far Northwest Austin. I deeply value all people as the beloved children of God despite creed, color, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, or any other artificial measure that seeks to divide one person from another.

Instead, I believe all people are loved by God infinitely and, in turn, we should love each other in the same way. In my own life, I have come to know God as a personal reality through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. For me Jesus’ resurrection is a proclamation to all of creation that love is stronger than death, and I believe this is the hope of the world. As a community, I hope we who make St. Julian’s our home are fundamentally about discovering God in one another’s life and in our common prayer and activities. I believe this way of being community brings a deep sense of joy and meaning to our lives because it is all about laughing, crying, praying, working with and loving all those who share a part of our common life.