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Good Soil

St. Julian’s Annual and Capital Campaign to raise both the funds to support our 2018 operating budget and those required to begin to “prepare land” for a permanent campus for our church.


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Youth Ministry (Grades 6-12)

This ministry provides ongoing programs for students in the 6th-12th grades. This includes both our Sunday morning Christian Education program and our Sunday evening youth program. Adults who are interested in leading or supporting either our Sunday morning or evening gatherings are warmly invited to contact our Youth Minister, the Rev. Jonathan McManus-Dail to learn more. St. Julian's is committed to substantive and engaging opportunities for our students to play and learn as they become more and more the people that God is calling them to be.

Associate Vicar for Youth and Young Adults: The Rev. Jonathan McManus-Dail




All Children ages 10 and up are invited to join our Acolyte Team. Acolytes lead our procession, serve the altar, and assist the clergy in creating lively, meaninful and beautiful worship each week at St. Julian’s. If you or your child is interested in joining our Acolyte Team, email our leader with the link below

Associate Vicar for Youth and Young Adults: The Rev. Jonathan McManus-Dail


Adult Spiritual Formation

This team assists our Theologian in Residence, Dr. Tony Baker, Professor of Systematic Theology at the Seminary of the Southwest, with identifying topics of study, excellent presenters and execution of Sunday morning Adult Education. To learn more or join the team, email our chair with the link below. To learn more about about Adult Spiritual Formation on Sunday mornings at St. Julian’s including a schedule and topics, click read more.

Chair: Dr. Tony Baker



​Altar Guild

The Altar Guild has the sacred task of preparing the worship space and altar each Sunday and for special worship services throughout the year. Their ministry includes caring for altar vessels and vestments, flowers, and setting the altar for Holy Communion at each celebration of the Sacrament. If interested in joining the Altar Guild or learning more about their ministry, email our chair with the link below.

Chair: Suzanne Balsanek


Children's Ministries

This ministry includes Sunday School Teachers for children ages pre-school to high school, Vacation Bible School Leaders, and Children’s Chapel assistants. Together they provide thoughtful and engaging spiritual formation our children. To learn more about this ministry or to join one of our teams, email our chair with the link below. For more information on the current offerings for children, including programs/curriculums, schedule and where and when they meet, click on read more.

Children's Minister: Jennifer Cowles



Hazelnut Pastoral Care Ministry

Hazelnut is a team of trained lay pastoral caregivers that offer care, prayer, a non-anxious presence, and a listening ear for those in crisis, transition, or illness. They also provide training for those interested in becoming a lay pastoral care giver or just to learn more in the areas of pastoral theology or care for those in crisis. To learn more about this ministry or if you or someone you love is in need of pastoral care, email our coordinator with the link below.

Coordinator: Patty Ely


Flower Ministry

Our Flower Ministry oversees the arranging of flowers for our Sunday services and other special occasions throughout the year. They also receive donations and dedications for altar flowers for Sunday services and special occasions (we suggest a $75 donation for altar flowers). To request a dedication and/or make a donation, email our coordinator with the link below.

Coordinator: Suzanne Balsanek



This ministry seeks to create lively, warm and engaging opportunities to fellowship and to deepen our bonds of friendship between participants and newcomers alike. Hospitality also oversees our kitchen area and our coffee/donut ministry on Sunday mornings. For more information on hospitality at St. Julian’s or to join the team, email our chairs with the link below

Chair: Mickey Dorsey

Chair: Susan Dorsey


​Men’s and Women’s Ministries

The Men’s and Women’s Ministries at St. Julian’s plan and provide gatherings geared toward men or women for fellowship and spiritual formation, including retreats, dinners, teas, breakfasts, and guest speakers. To learn more about these two ministries or to join either team, email our chairs with the links below.

Men's Ministry Chair: Mel Bland

Women’s Ministry Chair: Allison Parkey


Mission and Growth

This ministry seek to encourage among the people of St. Julian’s a community of invitation, welcome and connection of new and active participants in our shared life and ministry. To learn more about this ministry or to consider joining the team, email our chair with the link below.

Chair: Stephy Lang

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Music Ministry Team

Our Music Ministry team provides worshipful and inspiring music for our Sunday worship services and at other special occasion throughout the year. Experience is not required to participate with the team, just a passion to make a joyful noise to the Lord. If interested in joining the team or learning more about music at St. Julian’s, email Nick at the link below.

Music Minister: Nick Litterski



This ministry oversees St. Julian’s initiatives to work toward justice and charity with neighbors both far and near living in need or who are underserved. The committee also facilitates our annual pilgrimage to Navajoland and our relationship with Central Texas Interfaith. To learn more about St. Julian’s outreach work or to join the team, email our chair with the link below.

Chair: Debbie Dodds



Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is an ancient practice designed to help you explore your sacred story with a person who is trained to listen attentively and confidentially. A director will sit alongside you in times of celebration, challenge, and in the ordinary moments of day-to-day life, carefully listening as you explore your relationship with God. Spiritual directors are not crisis managers or therapists, nor do they give advice, but are quiet companions on your faith journey. To find out more about spiritual direction or to schedule a time with one of our directors, please email our coordinator with the link below.

Coordinator: Martha Schreffler



Living Compass/Soul Care

This ministry provides oversight, support and advocacy for the ministries of St. Julian’s that offer opportunities for spiritual growth and wellness. This includes our Living Compass small groups ministry focused on living a wholehearted life of wellness and creativity. To learn more about this ministry or join the team, email our Living Compass Coordinator with the link below.

Living Compass Coordinator: Patty Ely



Our Stewardship Ministry seeks to foster a culture and discipline of year round Stewardship at St. Julian’s focusing on using all of God’s gifts for the furthering of God’s kingdom in gratitude for all of life’s blessings (time, talent and treasure). To learn more about Stewardship or to join our team, email our chair with the link below. For a “FAQ” on Stewardship at St. Julian’s and a copy of our Ministry Commitment From which states an individual's or family’s commitment of prayer, time, talent and treasure for the current year, click on read more.

Chair: Steve Read


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Worship Ministries

These include Greeters who welcome newcomers and regular participants alike to Sunday services, Scripture Readers, Chalice Bearers, Zoom MC's, and Computer/Slide presenters. If you are interested in serving on Sunday mornings in any of these ministries or learning more about each, email our coordinator with the link below.

Worship Coordinator: Debbie Dodds